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Framework of the competitions

  • The competitors start in groups defined by the organizer (groups of three, four, etc.).
  • All the competitors must be possessed with an assistant.
  • The competitors greet their companions and the public together with their assistants standing before the target.
  • The competitors have the possibility to run three warming up gallops, after that the competition of nine gallops should be started.
  • The course (99 meters) has to be completed in gallop within 20 seconds, the time spared adds to the points, it is forbidden to stop on the course.
  • Time is measured with photoelectric automatic timer.
  • The target is positioned 9 meters from the center-line of the track. It is turnable, with a diameter of 90 centimeters, divided into 3 circles of 30 cms, the points of the divisions are from the inside 4-3-2 points.
  • The run is invalid when: stepping onto the course without consent, time out (20 seconds), leaving the course, and when the horseback archer is not able to acquire appreciable points.
  • Nobody is allowed to hold up his companions by disturbing the rhythm of the competition (such problems as injuries, inadequate equipment, being late, etc.). If so the competitor cannot start his run because the above mentioned reasons he will stay out the run until he is able to go on again. The lost runs cannot be recovered.
  • In the competition any archery style can be used (three fingers European, thumb release Inner Asian, Japanese and any different individual style).
  • Only bows can be used in the competition which are not center shooting bows and have no any aids (grip, run-out window, aiming devices, stabilizers). The material of the bows can be synthetic or original natural and strength is not limited.
    Some examples for the bows: bows of horseback archer folks (Scythians, Huns, Avars, Hungarians, Mongols, Turks etc.), Asian type bows (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.), European stick bow (longbow etc.), natural folks' (like the bows of the North- and South American natives etc).
  • Any arrows can be used: wooden, aluminium, carbon etc.

The competition course: