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One of the necessary items for horseback archery is the saddle. After extensive historical study, this unique saddle exemplifies those used by the Mongols, Kazahs, Huns, and Hungarians. Its design also reflects six years of refinement, based upon competitive preparation and use during international competitions.
Tamas Petrasko and his team were the first to test the saddle’s design. In 1996 these pioneering men, descendents of Ural mountain peoples, returned to their ancestral lands. As their ancestors had, they made the journey home.  Traveling 4,000 kilometres in commemoration of Arpad, Chieftan of the 7 Tribes, they traced the path of the Magyars to the Carpathian basin, where Arpad and his people settled. This particular saddle was vital to the success of the journey, hurting neither horses nor riders. The saddle’s appropriateness was again proven by Kassai’s entry into the Guinness Book of Records following a strenuous 12-hour world record, horseback archery event in 1998.
The horseback archery saddle must ensure the highest degree of stability and safety for the rider. Before shooting, the horseback archer focuses solely on aiming at the target, for optimal release and a perfect shot. If the horse moves unexpectedly at this crucial time, it is potentially fatal for the rider. The magnificent grip of this saddle stabilizes the rider, its high front and back bracing his legs. The saddle’s unique construction, combined with the rider’s proficiency and advanced, independent seat, enhances the horseback archer’s safety.
To use any other type of saddle than that designed specifically for horseback archery may result in injury or death. Also, a riding position developed in another saddle type builds habits difficult, or impossible, to correct.

Our saddle is custom made according to specific requirements in size and ornamentation.

Price: 660 Euro